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Rhythm is the essence of LIFE.  From RHYTHM, we enter LIFE, in tune to the rhythm of our mother's heartbeat, breath, movement, voice, and being.  From our earliest beginnings, we start in this sense of maternal security, from which we spring forth with a mighty FAITH to do those things that ought to be done by us. 


Start from the very beginning, carve and create a pahu coconut drum of your very own to direct your personal expression in voice, rhythm, and style.


For those whose body just won't stay still once drums beat a passionate rhythm, this class is for you.  Learn how to unleash that vibrant energy in nature-inspired releases that explore various metaphysical avenues.



Get wet and dive into the waves of pure sound/silence sequences that affect LIFE, emotions, and energy.


Drumming as a sacred practice utilizing chanting and various rhythms to achieve spiritual enlightenment and communication.